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AI and GPTs

Koios API and GPT

The Koios API, Gemini, and custom GPT models (like Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI's ChatGPT for the Koios API) represent cutting-edge integrations and tools designed to interact with the Cardano blockchain. These platforms facilitate a wide range of functionalities from technical assistance to direct blockchain queries, reflecting the diverse needs and approaches of developers and users within the ecosystem.

Introducing Koios AI Tools

Unlock the full potential of blockchain development on Cardano with the groundbreaking AI tools offered by Koios API. In this video, we introduce three innovative AI assistants.

Microsoft Copilot for Koios APIopen in new window

Microsoft Copilotopen in new window provides detailed technical assistance and development guidance. Hosted directly on Microsoft’s platform, it offers a robust environment for developers looking to integrate or build upon the Cardano blockchain. The technical details and development tools available through Copilot are tailored for deep integration and development tasks, making it a powerful resource for developers seeking in-depth blockchain functionalities.

Requirements: This custom Koios Microsoft Copilot requires you to login with a Microsoft or Github account.

OpenAI ChatGPT for Koios APIopen in new window

Hosted on the OpenAI platformopen in new window, this GPT model is specifically trained to interact with the Koios API, enabling users to perform queries about the Cardano blockchain in a conversational format. This integration not only provides technical insights but also simplifies complex blockchain queries through a user-friendly chat interface. It’s an excellent tool for those who prefer interactive sessions or need quick, conversational access to blockchain data.

Requirements: This custom koios GPT is only available to openAI GPT+ subscribers.

Google Gemini for Koios API

Unlike the other two, Gemini’s integration with the Cardano blockchain is directly embedded within the Koios website. This integration highlights a user-focused approach, offering direct access to blockchain functionalities through a familiar and accessible platform. Gemini's role in this triad emphasizes ease of use and accessibility, making blockchain interactions more intuitive for the average user. Please give it a try directly on our website.

Requirements: For the time being, only people in the United States can use this service; once Google allows it, it will be available to people in other countries as well.


Each platform — Microsoft Copilot, OpenAI's ChatGPT for Koios API, and Gemini — plays a unique role in the broader ecosystem of Cardano blockchain tools. From in-depth technical development on Microsoft Copilot to conversational data access via ChatGPT and user-friendly interactions through Gemini, users and developers have a rich suite of tools tailored to their specific needs and expertise levels. This diversity not only drives innovation within the blockchain space but also ensures that the benefits of blockchain technology can be accessed by a broad audience, ranging from hardcore developers to casual users.