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Start Building

API Documentation

Koios' gRest query layer is available across different Cardano Networks. You can find the API documentation with openAPI specs where you can also provide and test each and every endpoint below:

GuildNet in new windowv1.1.2
Preview in new windowv1.1.2
PreProd in new windowv1.1.2
Mainnet in new windowv1.1.2

Koios Artifacts

If you'd like to dive in (to examine or to contribute) to the queries run, you're welcome to do so, various Artifacts related to Koios query layeropen in new window - such as SQL queries powering the gRest Query layer behind the scenes, API specs, tests, monitoring dashboards, website assets, etc can be found on koios-artifactsopen in new window github repository. You can find a high level repository map below.

Repository Map

├── files               # SQL queries and cron jobs that facilitate additional cache to gRest instances
├── grafana-dashboards/ # Grafana dashboards used for monitoring Koios nodes
├── html/               # HTML Page(s) used for website
├── images/             # Images (logos, Design diagram, etc) used for Koios
├── specs/              # Files used for creation of OpenAPI Specs with examples
├── tests/              # Test suites for Koios nodes
├── topology/           # Topology files of public Koios nodes
├── LICENSE             # License for use of artifacts within this repository
└── projects.json       # List of projects (in JSON format) that are using Koios

Project Management

Koios team operates gRest layer in a transparent manner and progress/millestones can be accessed at any time (accessible hereopen in new window).

Further discussions

You can connect and discuss with Koios teams on Telegramopen in new window and Discordopen in new window, or feel free to contribute to any of the repositories.


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