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Contribute to the growth of the Koios community

What we do

The Guild Operators, a committed group of experienced Cardano community members, engaged on the Koios Project. Our aim is to build a comprehensive documentation site and repository that provides crucial instructions and information on different tools that help Cardano Stake Pool Operators optimize their operations (setting up, administering, and monitoring pools). Our goal is to make jobs easier while still expecting users to have a professional level of knowledge and ability in architecture, setup, security, and cardano-cli before utilizing our portal. We strongly advise utilizing an offline process and never exposing wallet or pool keys to internet services. Our website welcomes contributions and strives to eliminate confusion by hosting a unified version of documentation. We provide help through Telegram for announcements and general enquiries, and via GitHub for reporting bugs, problems, and feature requests.

Why we need your help

By contributing to the Koios Project, you help to create and maintain high-quality documentation, which is vital for Cardano Stake Pool Operators. This allows them to run their pools more effectively and securely, resulting in a better experience for delegators and a stronger Cardano network.

Continuous Enhancement

With your help, we will be able to devote more time and resources to consistently improving and updating our instructions and tools. This ensures that our documentation is current and up to date, keeping up with the newest Cardano innovations and addressing the community's increasing demands.

Knowledge that is easily accessible

The Koios Project strives to make difficult knowledge clear and accessible to everyone. You may help bridge the gap between technical understanding and practical application by funding our work, allowing more individuals to join in the Cardano ecosystem.


We appreciate community contributions! Don't be afraid to become involved if you have relevant information, experience, or skills that may benefit the Koios Project. On our GitHub repository, you can contribute by submitting updates, creating new guides, reporting bugs, or suggesting new features.

Spread the News

Share the Koios Project with your network to help us develop our community and reach more individuals. Spread the word on social media, in your stake pool community, or by referring individuals who may benefit from our services to us. We can enhance the Cardano ecosystem and have a long-term influence if we work together.

What you can do to help the project

Donations are crucial for the ongoing development and maintenance of the Koios Project. Your generous contributions help fund server costs, developer time, and other resources necessary to sustain and enhance the project.
We also accept donations in cryptocurrency, including ADA and other popular Cardano native tokens. By contributing with cryptocurrency, you further support the adoption and growth of the Cardano ecosystem.

To donate in crypto, please send your contributions to the following address:

Ada handle $