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Koios Community


Koios has been blessed with awesome community contributors who have taken their time out and build further on Open-Source ecosystem, empowering our confidence that we're on the right path. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the developers and projects that have contributed to and used Koios. Our platform's capabilities have been enhanced and expanded thanks to your commitment and labor of love.

Below is a list of a subset of tools, libraries as well as projects powering Koios. If you'd like to be added to the list below, you can do so hereopen in new window


These are a list of popular community-owned and maintained repositories, that have been implemented and open-sourced available to onboard developers.


These are CLI tools that interact with Koios, giving an excellent simple UX to work through the API.

Projects building on Koios

A subset of projects currently using Koios.


Koios Contributors

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the following Koios contributors for their invaluable contributions to the project. Your dedication, hard work, and expertise have been instrumental in driving the success of this project.

Cardano Guild Operators Contributors

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We would want to offer our heartfelt appreciation to all Cardano Guild Operators contributions. Your dedication, hard work, and support have been critical in assisting us in achieving our objectives and making a good effect. Your efforts have benefited not just the project, but also the whole community. We are thrilled to have you on our team and look forward to continuing to collaborate in the future. Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution!