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SPO Tools

SPO Tools

We have built several critical tools for Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) in the Cardano ecosystem. These tools attempt to improve SPOs' experiences by simplifying, monitoring, and streamlining certain Cardano ecosystem procedures. These tools are critical resources for effective stake pool management, whether you're running a stake pool, managing wallet keys, or monitoring node status.

Koios CNTools

For Cardano stake pool operators, Koios CNToolsopen in new window is equivalent to a Swiss Army knife. This toolkit streamlines common wallet key and pool management procedures. CNTools provides a variety of operational modes as well as optional functionality dependent on external components. This program aims to not only simplify everyday chores for its users, but also to promote a thorough grasp of Linux operations and Cardano network configurations.

Koios gLiveView

Koios gLiveViewopen in new window is a Cardano node monitoring software. It is a great addition to remote monitoring platforms like as Prometheus/Grafana, Zabbix, and IOG's RTView. gLiveView is very useful when migrating to a systemd deployment because it provides an easy-to-use user interface for monitoring node status. As a standalone utility, gLiveView can be launched and stopped separately of the Cardano node, providing node operators with flexibility and convenience.

Topology Updater

The Topology Updateropen in new window is an important utility for connecting to Cardano relays. It enables your relay node to contact an API server. When the server certifies your node's stability and reliability, it adds it to a list of other stable and trustworthy nodes. This allows your node to communicate and synchronize with other active Cardano nodes on the network.

These tools are essential to the Koios and larger Cardano communities, providing the resources required for seamless and efficient Cardano network operations. Investigate these tools today to improve your Cardano experience!